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What Services Should Be Running On Windows Vista


Disabling the non-essential services frees up memory and processor cycles for more important tasks. So, if you used this technique in Windows XP, don't bother looking for similar hardware profiles in Vista — they aren't available. Windows Image Acquisition (WIA): For transferring images from a scanner or camera to the computer. Everyone gets 3D! http://sortoutlookemail.com/windows-vista/turn-off-unnecessary-windows-vista-services.html

Function Discovery Provider Host Windows Media Center doesn’t function properly. You can play it safe by setting a service on Manual, which starts it only when Windows decides that your system needs it. Close the Services window when you're done. Using a scanner is covered under WIA, or Windows Image Acquisition.

What Services Should Be Running On Windows Vista

Task Scheduler (svchost.exe) - Automatic • Enables a user to configure and schedule automated tasks on this computer. Hardware profiles were designed to provide you with a way to work around non-Plug and Play systems (standard HAL), which were unable to query the system for information about hardware. If disable, user has to boot into Safe Mode to enable again as Services applet is not accessible. If this service is disabled, the shared files are no longer visible by other computers in the network.

This error message is solved by disabling the automatic stat up with the tool MSCONFIG (tab Startup). Check end of the page for full description and dependencies. Terminal Services UserMode Port Redirector (svchost.exe) - Manual • Allows the redirection of printers/drives/ports for RDP connections. How To Make Windows Vista Run Faster If this service is disabled, any services that depend on it will fail to start.

Terminal Services (svchost.exe) - Automatic • Allows multiple users to be connected interactively to a machine as well as the display of Desktops and applications to remote computers. If you want to play safe, the Startup type can be set to Manual. Now how about a post for XP? I do not like to install any unnecessary programs.

Used to call Indexing Service. Windows Dfs Replication Service Chris Wow there are a bunch of noobs here! --- Tyler July 8th, 2008 02:20 5Do not use!!! Parental Controls Parental control features don’t work, which is okay if your children don’t use the computer, you have no children, or you don’t act like a child. These days I imagine they're mostly accessed through the internet rather then a dial-up modem though.

Windows Vista Services Safe To Disable

Sorry There was an error emailing this page. original site RIP Listener No You won't need this, it's a routing protocol. What Services Should Be Running On Windows Vista Unfortunately, some services set to Manual won't start when they should, so you may need to reset these to Automatic. Windows Vista Default Services If the OS does it well enough for my needs, then I use it.

emily Thank you. this contact form Themes: Disable this service if there is no need for the visual effects like the new Aero interface. For instance, I've put features that you can remove in the same dialog box next to each other.Sidebar Give Windows Sidebar the axe by deselecting the 'Start Sidebar when Windows starts' Multimedia Class Scheduler (svchost.exe) - Automatic • Used mainly by multimedia applications, this service enables relative prioritization of work based on system-wide task priorities. What Programs Should I Uninstall From Windows Vista

In the 'Startup type' drop-down menu, select Disabled, and then click OK.Offline FilesIf you work on files stored on a server somewhere, and you can't depend on that server always being Windows Search: Provides content indexing (like personal files and e-mail) to speed up searching this content. SSDP Discovery Service (svchost.exe) - Manual • Enables discovery of UPnP devices on your home network. have a peek here In the management console, a description of each service is shown, including the relationship (dependencies) between the different services.

Any components or applications that depend on the Group Policy component might not work if the service is stopped or disabled. Speed Up Vista Glad that bottom part was included though. When the system starts up, try it out for a while to ensure that things are working well.

The only way I found out is because I needed it to test something February 12, 2008 Tim Thanks for this I'm upgrading my sisters computer to teh Vista and was

The technology is not wide-spread yet, and can be disabled. If you're not already there, see the tip on the previous page for instructions on getting to it. Sometimes you just can't dumb down the instructions for some people. Windows 7 Features So, I need fax-and-scan "checked".

Many people including me wonder why Microsoft will include a Telnet client but not an SSH client. February 8, 2011 Risto Ranta Why not remove the worst unnecessary thing in the computer: The Windows itself ! - The only virus you can use with a mouse. Windows keeps trying to install it, but consistently fails. Check This Out It's best to read and understand what each service means before deciding on how to optimize the Vista system.

Because the service Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) depends on it, it has to be disabled as well.Superfetch: Tracks the running programs, and improves the performance of the frequently used programs over Published 02/11/08 SHOW ARCHIVED READER COMMENTS (50) Comments (50) February 12, 2008 Pipo "Your productivity can only increase with Spider Solitaire on your computer." that was funny, i had to read Stopping the service will cause loss of network connectivity. the nice thing about windows 7 and UAC is it now doesnt ask for every single change, just those that are serious.

Application Management Background Intelligent Transfer Service Base Filtering Engine Block Level Backup Engine Service Certificate Propagation COM+ Event System Computer Browser Diagnostic Policy Service Diagnostic System Host Distributed Link Tracking Client Get more information about a Windows service by double-clicking its entry in the Services applet To determine which other services a particular entry requires (and which other services require it), double-click